Live Alaska Curriculum Release

Our 2019 Homeschool year started out with a bang! Not only did we have an incredible time learning together, we also recorded our first drone class. The course will include everything from building your own drone, flying, regulations, videography and photography, to the history and future of this technology. The first lesson of the course will available later today on our website.

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Valentine’s Day Street Interview | What is Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February…the month of LOVE.

Stores are flooded with cards, flowers and treats turning Valentine’s Day into a commercialized opportunity for retail stores. We went out on the streets interviewing some amazing people in order to find out what love really is. Join us on this eye opening Valentine’s Day Special.

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Acts of Love – Valentine’s Day Challenge

We haven’t even made it through January and the stores are already flooded with Valentine’s Day products. According to a recent statistic on spending habits, the average consumer spends $136.57 on Valentine’s Day merchandise and services totaling in a US spending of around $19 billion. Considering that most of these items will end up in our landfills shortly after, we need to ask ourselves if this is the love scripture describes. It is the contrast between love defined in worldly sense and in a biblical sense.

It is our prayer that we will view Valentine’s Day differently this year. That we will use this time of the year as a starting point to live our life for Christ by sharing His love with those around us. Not in talk alone, but in deeds. We created this fun Valentine’s Day countdown to reflect as a families on love God demonstrated, how His love transforms, how we can love one another, but also remind us that His love is everlasting.

Here is the printable Valentine’s Day Challenge . The countdown starts February 1st with a daily scripture about God’s love as well as a daily challenge for your family. Day 14 marks a day to celebrate as a family the love God has given us for one another as well as discuss how the Lord has worked in our hearts these past two weeks. It is our prayer that through this, each of our families will make a commitment to continue living a life which reflects the Lord’s love in everything we do and say. What a beautiful way to bond…in love…

Print the downloadable pdf file on cute paper making sure you are printing on the white back.

Cut and arrange all verses and pictures.

Fold verses in half and staple into a heart shape making sure pattern is outside. Continue inter looping hearts into a chain.

Assemble the remaining pieces.

Cut one heart a day starting on the 1st of February. read the verse and complete the challenge. The back of the large heart has the final challenge for day 14. Surprise!!

A fun family Valentine’s Day dinner celebrating God’s Love for us, how he has worked in our hearts and a time to make a commitment to continue to living out the gospel daily!


Simone and Kerstin

Counting it all Joy

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Ditch the New Years Resolutions

I am so excited and thankful to continue our mid week devotion. For the past months, the Lord has placed on my heart to be quiet and to listen. It has been an incredible time, that I needed with every inch of my heart. It is hard for me to sit still. If you know me, I am a visionary. I see an idea in my head and I will go for it until the goal is reached.

But God, in His perfect timing, placed a bible study in my path during this time of quiet. Not any bible study, but one that focuses on hearing God’s voice by Prescilla Shirer. It has been absolutely amazing and I would recommend it in a heart beat. As I studied, one truth in particular struck me and I felt the nudge to share it as  so many of us prepare for a perfect start in the new year.

Every year after Christmas, many of us fall into the same habit…we make plans for a healthier lifestyle, better eating habits, set educational or career goals, fine-tune our schedules…As I mentioned, I am an entrepreneur at heart. So I easily fall into the same trap. Just the though of developing new ideas to expand our family business get’s me all excited. Naturally, during the time of rest we get throughout the holidays, my entrepreneurial wheels start spinning at full capacity. But in the midst of mapping out new directions…while studying God’s word…something struck me.

What if I am exactly were God wants me to be? What if I can stop searching for my calling, for a new opportunity to serve, for a purpose, for a better way to hear Him? Millions of books have been printed on how to find our purpose etc and we are taught to take things into our own hands. God wants us to hear His leading, He gives us glimpses of His presence, He takes the responsibility to guide us through the Holy Spirit in order to realign us to His word and purpose. All we have to do is listen. I started looking back at my life. The times I searched for God’s will, I didn’t find it. The times I didn’t search, He guided me opening doors I didn’t even see before. There will be times we hear Him clearly, but there may be times we don’t hear Him. That doesn’t always mean we are doing something wrong, or that we are walking through a trial…it may just mean that we are exactly were God wants us to be. All we have to do is to continue in seeking God.

This year I pray that we will not frantically search for God’s will, but rather for God Himself (Voice of God). God will lead us if we live out Romans 12:1-2. Every New Years, should be a reminder how we can’t keep simple resolutions from the year before. We fail in the most simplest ways. How different would our life be, if we present ourselves as a living sacrifice…daily…it would change us from the inside out sanctifying us. And the best part: we wouldn’t have to worry about new years resolutions anymore;)

I pray that we will get rid of any hinderances that distract us from living our life for the Lord. That today, we surrender, presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice. KAY ARTHUR QUOTE

We would love to hear how you seek God. Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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The Story of the Advent Wreath

Growing up, we always had an Advent wreath. I remember so many nights sitting at the dining room table, eating my dinner and the candles of the wreath were shining; making this time of year almost magical.
Sometimes I was allowed to help decorate the wreath, or light one of the candles.
Even though it was always part of my December traditions, I never knew about the history,the Symbolism of the wreath, and the candles.
Our church hosted an Advent wreath making event, and I am so thankful for all the information I learned.
The word Advent comes from the latin word adventus , which means coming.
Throughout the last centuries the meaning of this season slightly changed.
It started out during the fourth and fifth centuries as a season of preparation for the baptism of new Christians at the January feast of Epiphany.
By the sixth century, Roman Christians associated advent to Jesus’ second coming, and at the Middle Ages, the focus shifted to Jesus’ first coming.
Today we use this beautiful and special time to prepare the celebration of Jesus, and to anticipate the return of Christ.
The Advent wreath itself was constructed by a Protestant Pastor, Johann Heinrich Wichern. His goal was to have a visual aid for Children, so that they understand how much longer it is until Christmas.
The typical Advent wreath is circular in shape. The circle reminds us of Gods unending, everlasting love.
It is made of evergreen which are a sign of life. They point to new life and hope of eternal life.
The five candles contrast darkness and light.
The four candles are lit each Advent Sunday. They are usually purple, the traditional color of royalty. There is one pink candle, lit on the third Sunday to represent joy.
Each candle hold symbolism
Week 1 – The Prophecy Candle. Which represents the Prophets, primarily Isaiah, who foretold of Christ’s coming.
Week 2 – The Bethlehem or a manger a candle, which represents love.
Week 3 – The shepherds candle, which represents joy.
Week 4- The Angels Candle, which represents peace.
The big , white candle in the center , also called Christ candle is lit on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It symbolizes that Jesus is the light of the world and the fulfillment of the promise.