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God have you 86,400 seconds today! Not because you needed them, He added them because someone out there needs you!

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Acts of Love – Valentine’s Day Challenge

We haven’t even made it through January and the stores are already flooded with Valentine’s Day products. According to a recent statistic on spending habits, the average consumer spends $136.57 on Valentine’s Day merchandise and services totaling in a US spending of around $19 billion. Considering that most of these items will end up in our landfills shortly after, we need to ask ourselves if this is the love scripture describes. It is the contrast between love defined in worldly sense and in a biblical sense.

It is our prayer that we will view Valentine’s Day differently this year. That we will use this time of the year as a starting point to live our life for Christ by sharing His love with those around us. Not in talk alone, but in deeds. We created this fun Valentine’s Day countdown to reflect as a families on love God demonstrated, how His love transforms, how we can love one another, but also remind us that His love is everlasting.

Here is the printable Valentine’s Day Challenge . The countdown starts February 1st with a daily scripture about God’s love as well as a daily challenge for your family. Day 14 marks a day to celebrate as a family the love God has given us for one another as well as discuss how the Lord has worked in our hearts these past two weeks. It is our prayer that through this, each of our families will make a commitment to continue living a life which reflects the Lord’s love in everything we do and say. What a beautiful way to bond…in love…

Print the downloadable pdf file on cute paper making sure you are printing on the white back.

Cut and arrange all verses and pictures.

Fold verses in half and staple into a heart shape making sure pattern is outside. Continue inter looping hearts into a chain.

Assemble the remaining pieces.

Cut one heart a day starting on the 1st of February. read the verse and complete the challenge. The back of the large heart has the final challenge for day 14. Surprise!!

A fun family Valentine’s Day dinner celebrating God’s Love for us, how he has worked in our hearts and a time to make a commitment to continue to living out the gospel daily!


Simone and Kerstin

Counting it all Joy

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Putting HOME in Homeschooling

In all the overwhelming information available to homeschool mothers, we can quickly loose sight of the reason we teach our children at home in the first place. How easily do we fall in the trap of stressing over which curriculum is best, will get them the highest scores and best employment opportunities…not to mention the fear of not giving them enough to compete in the world or even not being enough ourselves.


This week as I studied God’s word and prayed, God reminded me to stay strong and courages when not following the majority and most of all to trust in His direction for our families’ life. He has a different purpose for each of us and we have to allow the time with God to hear Him. In a constantly moving world, we have the tendency to conform to the busyness around us. Before we know it, we start homeschooling our children on the road running from one activity to another. While those activities are all beneficial, they are not necessary.


The foremost reason Steve and I decided to homeschool was to build a relationship with our children that would enable them to grow into godly adults that make God’s kingdom priority. Growing into responsible citizens involves so much more than academics. Being able to have the freedom to educate our children in every aspect of life with minimal government control is a gift we can easily take for granted. The purpose of school is not to pass a test or receive a score, it is to create young adults that develop a love for life-long learning as well as independent and critical thinking. We want to raise a generation that does not follow the majority but rather builds God’s kingdom by bringing those around them to the truth. There are many other reasons that support homeschooling to include excellent education, accommodation of individual learning styles, ability to develop child specific gifts, but it always comes back to the most important aspect…giving our children everything we can for them to develop their own faith, to love God, and to devote their entire life to Him.


In the United States we have a privilege  that others may never have. While not everyone has the opportunity to stay home and homeschool, due to many reasons, I would love to pray we would be able to make time for the Lord, our husbands and children, to be flooded with peace and joy in this upcoming season.

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