What to use in your homeschooling?

Reading is a very important part in homeschooling. There are so many options to choose from, such as Kindle, iPads, Audio books or traditional books.
There is a perception that kids read more likely if it is on a digital devise such as an iPad or Kindle. Actually studies have proven that it is not the case.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to talk you out of using the kindle if your child is an engaged and active reader. If that works in your family, then continue what fits your homeschool journey.
Kindle and iPads can come in really handy, especially when you travel. Instead of bringing all the books with you, they can all be stored in one single device. And lets be honest, when Homeschoolers travel, we tend to take half of our books with us. So doing this method is very convenient.
When kids encounter new words, they can simply click on them and find out the definition. That is a big bonus in improving their vocabularies. Kids with visual limitations might benefit as well because the font and contrast can be customized.
But sometimes there are too many choices for our littles ones and too many distracting things on the device that it can distract them.
Now we are in a pickle. The technology and digital world is faster developing as we want to and we need to get our children ready for it. More than 50% of jobs now days require some degree of technology skills and it will rise up to 77 % in the next decade. Finding a balance is the key.
In our house we love the “old fashion” books. The kids still enjoy going to the library and picking out books, but they also appreciate the technology course I included this this semester.
There is something special about real book. From the texture of the pages, checking out the cover to the smell of newly printed pages. Also there are no distractions. It is just you and the story. This furthers the ability to focus and develops a habit. It doesn’t always come natural for kids or adults to focus. It is a practice that develops and over time, especially in kids.
I myself have books on my iPad and I have lots of books in on my shelves at home. And I realized that I have a different connection to them. There is an emotional attachment that you develop holding a book in your hand, flipping each page, writing your personal notes in them. And sometimes when I find an old book I used to read as a child, all those memories come rushing back. Now I don’t know how it would be if I read it on the IPad 25 years ago, simply because we didn’t had any back then:)


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