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Finding your Homeschool Style

It is this time of the year again. We are full of excitement just thinking about the upcoming school year. We have been researching the best curriculums available, brain stormed reward systems for every learning style, hands-on projects that enhance understanding and snacks that match lesson plans to the point that our Pinterest boards are overloaded with every possible idea…Just the thought of this perfect upcoming school year brings us the joy we have been searching for during the end of the past school year…

…then REALITY hits. Week one and two are all we hoped for as we ease into the new year…but slowly life starts catching up with us and doctors appointments, sick children, and other distractions and commitments start wearing us down trying to keep up with the perfect system we have in place. We try to stay afloat for a few more weeks. But then the inevitable happens. We are overwhelmed the minute we start the day, stress enters, patience flees and our perfect world comes crushing down. Worst of it all…this so often happens every year.

How can we prevent this pattern from continuing to interfere in enjoying our homeschool journey?

Rather than trying to incorporate everyones ideas around us, we have to find our own homeschool style. We have to understand that God created us just the way we are for His purpose. He didn’t create us to be perfect robots. He created us to lean on Him, submitting our requests and trusting in Him to guide us through every part of life to include homeschooling. Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. He chose us as the parents for our children. He knows our personalities, gifts and struggles. We have to first submit our year to the Lord asking Him for guidance and direction. We have to rest in Him, but over-commitment and busy schedules prevent us from having the relationship we are meant to have with God. We have to stop comparing ourselves to the false picture Facebook posts represent. We have to stop thinking we have to incorporate every Pinterest idea found in order to give our children the best possible education and start in life. All these things can be wonderful, but too often to they become a trap in which we find ourselves not being enough. Satan, will do everything to keep us from succeeding. We have to put on our armor, spend time with the Lord, rejoicing in who we are in Him, in the gifts he entrusted us with and use them for His glory throughout this journey.

I pray that we can first and foremost submit our upcoming year to the Lord. I pray that we can find rest and peace as we find our homeschool style that allows us to raise up a generation that will stand firm for the truth and shine their lights wherever the Lord sends them.


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